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Robin Hilton
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Specialist in Waterfront and Coastal Properties from Mexico Beach to Panacea

I began exploring the world after I graduated high school, in Michigan. I started with the USA where I put myself through college, graduating from Sonoma State University, in Northern California, in 1978 with a BA in Psychology.

I met my husband in Tampa, Florida, and thus began our world sailing adventure and life. in 1981. After decades of sailing around the world and working, managing businesses in various ports, we returned to the USA and in 2008, bought our first home, in Franklin County, Florida.

I have actively been selling waterfront and coastal properties since 2009.

I am a published author of a futuristic, murder mystery- The Legacy of Gale Ann Ralston.

I enjoy meeting people from all walks of life. With my management skills and background that I have developed over the years, I actively address all of the challenges that selling and buying properties are thrown at me and my clients. When I hear "It cannot be done or I cannot seem to find a property...", the gauntlet has been thrown and I rise to the challenge.

My experience with the Ocean and coastal waters, gives me an edge when dealing with any property that is waterfront. I understand how it all works and I use my expertise to help both my buyers and sellers.

From Mexico Beach to Panacea, I will help you with your property needs.

Whether you are selling property or buying property, I am here for you.

"Time and tide wait for no one"

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